Wordpress 4.4.1 released

WordPress 4.4.1 is now available. This is a security release for all previous versions. There were also several non-security bug fixes.

Wordpress 4.4.1 版本推出

有些會自己動手更新網站的朋友都可能有機會接觸到 wordpress 這軟件。如果你正在使用的話,要留意它有新的版本(4.4.1)推出。這個版本是針對先前版本所釋出的重大安全性更新。

Email your customers in coming Easter!

Now is the last minute to prepare your Easter greeting! How is your Easter campaign? Here are 4 tips for you to double check if your Easter card is ready to generate leads. Check it out!


節日問候是電郵推廣中重要的一環,它能有效地增長顧客忠誠度,甚至提高訂單量。現在是時候準備好你的復活節電郵活動了! 你完成了嗎? 再檢查一次你的復活節電郵有沒有符合以下 4 點,從而產生商機吧!

Email Marketing tips in 2015 – Subscribers love coupons!

Happy Chinese New Year! How is your email marketing performance in 2014? According to Econsultancy’s 2014 Email Marketing Census, nearly 70% companies rated email marketing as ‘excellent or good” for ROI (return of investment). Performance of email marketing still surpasses all other online marketing channels.

2015 年電郵推廣貼士 – 讀者最愛接收優惠卷!

新年快樂! 你的電郵推廣在 2014 年表現如何呢? 根據 Econsultancy 2014 Email Marketing Census,接近 70% 公司評價電郵推廣能產生「很好或不錯」的 ROI (投資回報率)。電郵推廣的表現大大超過其他線上推廣的渠道。

Equip with the most powerful email marketing tool – responsive email template!

Christmas is next to us! Are you ready to wow your customers? Get prepared to capture Christmas leads thru mobile! Responsive email template is a must for your holiday marketing.

裝備最強大的電郵推廣工具 - 響應式電郵模板!

聖誕節快將來臨了,你準備好把驚喜帶給顧客了嗎? 要準備好在聖誕節透過手機設備抓住商機,響應式 (Responsive) 電郵模板是你的必備武器!

Boost online sales in the coming holiday!

Double Eleven, the Chinese Single Day when 80% of Chinese smartphone users would do online shopping, has just passed. Last year, the sales amount reached $5.75 billion and it must be surpassed by the sales amount of this year.


中國「光棍節 – 雙十一」早前剛剛完結,八成的中國智能手機用戶都會在當天於線上購物,在去年,「光棍節」當天的銷售額高達 $57.5 億,而在剛過去的「雙十一」當天的銷售額必然超過這數字。