4 ways to drive customers’ engagement in email marketing

According to 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census (Econsultancy), email marketing is the best channel to grow ROI. 68% of marketers assess email marketing as a good and even excellent marketing tool. Econsultancy also points out that there is 28% increase in revenue generated from email marketing.

Now only one quarter left in 2014, how is your email marketing’s result? Let’s see the overall performance of email marketing in the first quarter of 2014


Open rate has risen dramatically to 32.9% within 7 years. Yet, click rate has dropped to just ~4% from over 7%. So, what are the reasons of lower click rate, with very high open rate? Here are few factors affecting the engagement of audience:

 1. Content  

Is your eDM content relevant and informative enough to the subscribers? Attractive and valuable information is the most important component engaging your customers. Secondly, sending right message to targeted audience through segmentation is another vital way to drive readers’ engagement. 

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 2. Call-for-action buttons 

Have you made obvious call-for-action buttons in your eDM? Sometimes your readers just can’t find a way to your website even they find your email interesting. Put your buttons at the top and center position on your eDM so that your readers can click into it without difficulties. Don’t forget to have creative copy for the buttons too!

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 3. Incentives 

Any incentives have you provided to encourage your subscribers to engage? Some rewards can be given to drive higher click through rate. Moreover, rewards can definitely boost customers’ loyalty which helps grow your sales effectively.

 4. Mobile-friendliness 

Is your eDM responsive in mobiles? 64.5% of open rate and 35% click rate happen in mobile. 22% of completed order is also mobile, which has increased by 40% compared with 2013.


Thus, make your email responsive to drive mobile users’ engagement, or you will lose these opens and clicks.
Engage your audience now! Get ready to reap the revenue from email marketing!