Be a trustworthy sender - Clearly state your brand name in sender name

Do you know how important it is to clearly state your brand in sender name?


Which email will you open?

Sender name is the first element that the recipients experience from your email. Using effective email from namehelps to reach audience and grow brand awareness effectively. It can build up trustful relationship with your valued customers. Most of the recipients will delete the email if they cannot recognize the sender (sender B). Even worse is that the recipients may report your email as SPAM if they regard the sender as not trustworthy. 

Clearly state your brand name as sender C can boost deliverability and open rate. Subscribers may open the email from a familiar brand when their inboxes are flooded with similar commercial email. You can also use a personal name, like sender A, which can be recognized as your brand. Using personal name can help establish a direct relationship with your subscribers.



  • Use the most recognized brand name which can remind your subscribers of your brand
    • A recognizable brand name helps readers to identify the services or products they have consumed from your brand. This can reduce the SPAM rate as readers may not report a recognizable sender they know.
  • Keep the sender name short or it may not be fully shown in mailbox
    • The length of sender names shown in various email clients, mobile devices and even rotation of devices is different. 
Android Mail app (In portrait view): 21 characters
Android Mail app (In landscape view): 12 characters
iPhone Mail app (In portrait view): 19 characters
iPhone Mail app (In landscape view): 48 characters
  • Use a common style to differentiate the email message types
    • Examples: 
      • "UFOSend emarketing helper" for sending email marketing tips;
      • "UFOSend Master" for sending notification
    • Clearly identify the types of email message with consistency so that readers can recognize your brand and email types



  • Do not use as it is unfriendly and it will stop the conversation with your valued customers
    • Remember that email is a channel to build up trustful customer relationship. Your customers may reply with valuable feedback you could not miss
  • Do not change sender email sender frequently, but stick with a sender name to build up trust and reputation
    • Your readers can have your brand in mind if you keep talking with them using a consistent sender name
Do you have more ideas about how to set up sender name? 
Let’s build up your brand with a trustworthy sender name.