Convert strangers into promoters via email marketing

In the last blog, you have already read about the amazing power of email marketing. But, you may still not believe how you can earn the enormous revenue from email marketing. Now, let’s see how email marketing helps establish customer relationship with good strategies.


Customer Preference

The most important factor that marketers should consider in first step must be customer preference.

Do you know the total number of email accounts in the world ?

The answer is over 3.3 billion (25% of total email accounts are corporate email accounts) and the email users send over 188 billion messages, in total, every day (each corporate email user send or receive 120 emails daily). Most of the consumers (77%) prefer to receive promotional messages thru email and 54% of them favor the companies which send them email also. Establishing customer relationship via permission based email communication effectively boosts customer loyalty. On the other hand, it is not difficult to get users’ permission as 94% of the email users will actively subscribe marketing emails. As long as you give recipients what they want, value will be added to your brand which raises customer loyalty.


Engagement process

Without understanding of email engagement process, you may fail to convert your email. Here is the clear process of how to turn strangers into your free promoters: 


Starting from promoting your business, with the aid of email content, you can convert strangers into customers. At the same time, grow your brand awareness and customer loyalty with compelling email content (for example, call-to-action, click here to know more on how to design a call-to-action button). You will climb up to the top of engagement ladder and achieve word-of-mouth marketing without any cost finally. Your readers will promote your products for you. Following this process, you will get exciting returns from email marketing. However, it seems abstract, right? See more detailed engagement strategies below.


Engagement strategies

1.    Content – Relevant, engaging & personalized

Add value to your brand and boost customer loyalty by sending relevant and engaging content to your audience. With personalized and relevant content, a trustful customer relationship would be established. Your readers will be willing to talk with you once the trust is built. On the contrary, irrelevant content will stop the conversation between you and your customers and even break your brand image.

2.    Moderate tone

Do not adopt invasive wordings to urge readers to open your email. Let readers choose when to open and read your email. Do remember the long tail of email marketing mentioned in last blog. Yet, you may offer incentives to boost immediate open rate. For instance, you may include a call-to-action button providing early discount to the readers who click your email within a week after the release of email campaign. Just make sure not to use invasive wording like “urgent”, which may also turn your email into SPAM.

3.    Segmentation & Target

These two strategies are the keys to successful email marketing. First, segment your audience into groups with similar particulars, say, group A for audience who tend to consume male clothes and group B for readers interesting in female accessories. Then, you can target the groups with specific email content. For instance, you can send information of male clothes to group A. Sending specific and relevant email to your readers can boost loyalty and maintain trustful customer relationship effectively.

4.    Automated drip marketing

Email marketing can be flexible and automated. You can pre-set when and what to send and finally attain drip marketing, which can generate leads with extremely low cost. Drip marketing is an automated process sending right message to prospects at right time. Automated email campaign is always adopted to execute drip marketing due to its low cost. Drip marketing allows you to expose your brand to the prospects in order to boost brand awareness. While 45% of consumers regard email as personal written communication channel, automated messages keep your brand always in readers’ mind.

5.    Measurability

Performance of email campaign can be measured and tracked. Unlike other direct marketing channels, for instance, brochure, newspaper, even TV, you cannot count if the audience really notes your message. On the other hand, email campaign (of course with effective email marketing platform) provides you with open rate, click-through rate, and other recipients’ actions. You can always improve your performance according to the real time report. Furthermore, prospects’ preference can be reflected by recipients’ actions. The measurability of email marketing helps to determine marketing strategies.

Do you see the astonishing power of email marketing? With smart strategies, email marketing can create enormous revenue that you cannot imagine.