UFOSend Email Marketing

Customised eDMs target what the receiver wants to hear, making it more likely they will respond to your products.

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Flexible Delivery

Customised templates

Design your own template or commission us to create a customised email template that reflects your organisation or product.

Ultimate WYSIWYG

Just add your desired text and images to a template via the user-friendly built-in editor. It's as easy as hitting 'Send'!

Plain text compatibility

Generate a plain text version of your campaign mail from HTML. Automatically ensure all your subscribers can read your message.Schedule your campaign over the long-term Set your preferred date and time to deliver your eDM campaign for maximum convenience.

Schedule your campaign over the long-term

Enter your preferred date and time into our system to deliver your eDM campaign on your schedule – even while you're away from your desk.

Greet your clients 24/7

Engage your customers personally with individualised greetings. Our event-triggered autoresponder will meet and greet customers on sign-up, special occasions and send them targeted promotions based on their history and preferences.

Personalise mail for every client

Motivate your audience to open your eDM by naming individuals directly in your email's subject, or providing targeted content for specific individuals, so they know this message is directed at them. eDM subject lines containing the recipient's name have a 350% chance of getting read!

Assured Receipt

Domain Keys / DKIM Authentication

Each message you send is digitally signed and verified, making it more likely for your mail to reach your recipient's inbox and recognise your legitimate mail.

SPF Validation

Utilising SPF, we are able to help validate your emails as originating from your domain. This prevents your address from being spoofed for spam and ensures your mail reaches your recipients.

Spam Checking

Prevent your mail from getting accidentally flagged as spam on your customers' email client. Our integrated spam checker looks for potentially problematic keywords in your email's subject or body.

Streamlined HTML email formatting

Keep your campaign's look consistent across different email clients and platforms (desktop or mobile) with validated HTML eDM templates. Our templates' validated code ensures higher deliverability rates by avoiding accidental flagging as spam.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time tracking

What happens after you hit 'send'? Your personal account page quickly shows you who read your campaign mail, clicked on individual links and forwarded your message.

Analytical feedback

Get quick reports and graphs on your e-marketing campaigns' outcomes. Discover what percentage of your subscribers read your mail and who they are, which links generated the most click-throughs, and more insights for future planning.

Automatic junk mail and subscription management

We automatically scan and bounce emails on your list to detect unsubscribes and spam, so you can keep developing your next successful campaign.

Comprehensive statistics

Drill down through comprehensive statistical reports based on demographic, psychographic and webographic analysis of your users. Get vital levels of detail about your customers' shopping preferences, who and where they are to focus your reach.

Google Analytics Integration

Compare and contrast the efficiency of your various marketing channels with Google Analytics data. Track traffic referrals to your website and set monitoring goals for your campaign's performance on the fly.