Event Management Solution


Leverage Market Intelligence for Impactful Events

Give your event the buzz it needs by finding and targeting the most likely attendees, and create a promotional campaign they'll want to share through word-of-mouth and on the web. Personalised eMarketing messages capture the most attention from individual viewers, whether these are eDMs (emails and social media messages) or SMS texts. Generate the clickthroughs you want by discovering your client base's interests, and keep them up to date on the events they'll want to know. Pertinent, eye-catching campaigns are more likely to be 'Shared' and 'Liked'!

24/7 Event Registration & Payments

Promote your event effectively with custom-designed templates that make designing e-invitations and webpages user-friendly and fast. Our system simplifies sharing promotions en masse via email, SMS and social media. Track RSVPs, accept and process registrations, including payments, automatically in real-time – so you can focus on creating a great event.

Up-to-the-minute Communication & Promotion

Whether you're planning an exclusive extravaganza or massive marathon, we've made communication management simple. Get your latest news out fast, through the channels your audience prefers. Our eCoupon generation and management system adds value to your promotional campaign by helping you create and send out impressive eye-catching deals.

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63% of all Internet users follow local arts & cultural events online. (Pew Internet & American Life Project - 2011)