Restaurant Solution


Make It a Meal to Remember – And Return For

Create the dining experience you and your customer always dreamed of – not spending valuable minutes on juggling complicated bookings and reservations. Our powerful, unified online guest database saves time and resources for you and your guest. No more tedious queues or harried phone calls. Maximise your bookings 24/7 by putting the power to set a date at your guest's fingertips. They'll remember you for the convenience, and will be motivated to come back.

Attract Diners to Savour Specials on Multiple Channels

Whether it's a seasonal feast or your chef's latest masterpiece, get the word out to your customers via email, SMS and social media. Leverage multiple touch points to evoke the widest reach and the hungriest reactions. Survey customers to discover the latest tastes or their satisfaction at your establishment, then track, segment and visualise the information to hone your menu for maximum 'Likes'. Launch and promote joint campaigns with complementary businesses, or run your own eMarketing quickly and easily in one place. Get continued interest with eCoupons sent to target segments you want to keep coming back!

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30% of email revenue derives from targeting advertisements to specific segments.(DMA "National Client Email Report" - 2013)