Education Solution


Engage Students to Enrich Their Education

Students who are plugged into their institution are better fulfilled performers and more motivated to participate in both their personal and school's growth. Inform your students about all aspects of campus life, from upcoming deadlines tailored to specific courses, to enrolment schedules and emergency announcements. Keep them 'plugged in' even on the go, via email, SMS or even social media.

Discover the Programs That Get Students Talking

By leveraging our powerful data segmentation tools on your online services, your institution will always be in the know on which courses generate the most interest, to which audience. Connect this newfound information to your eMarketing campaigns, including social media, and generate chatter about what students look forward to each semester.

Promote Activities & Events to the Right Crowd

Build excitement and participation at your next campus activity through our comprehensive electronic notification system. Whether it's aimed at a particular audience, the wider campus or beyond, news gets out fast in the most likely places they'll be seen.

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7.8 trillion SMSes were sent in 2011. SMS traffic is expected to reach 9.6 trillion in 2012.(Portio Research - Feb 2012)