Retail Solution


Harness Market Intelligence for Effective Retail Promotions

Your online store is just the first step in reaching out to potential customers. Long-term customer generation and returning customer relationships require strong metrics to discover who your most likely clientele are and when they are most likely to purchase specific products. Build your Internet brand presence by effectively targeting your most likely purchasers.

Share Your Campaigns & Multiply the Effect with Social Media

Personalised eMarketing messages capture the most attention from individual viewers, whether these are eDMs (emails and social media messages) or SMS texts. Generate the clickthroughs you want by discovering your client base's interests, and keep them up to date on the campaigns they'll want to know. Pertinent, eye-catching campaigns are more likely to be 'Shared' and 'Liked'!

Collect Event Registration, Data & Payments Automatically 24/7

Keep the buzz going by promoting your products with great web-based events. Our custom-designed templates make designing e-invitations and webpages simple, with fast, easy ways to share them en masse via email, SMS and social media. Track RSVPs, accept and process registrations, including payments, automatically in real-time – so you can focus on building your retail success.

Digitise Deals for Faster Customer Awareness & Response

Send out eCoupons for your latest promotions to your most likely customers en masse. They'll be able to access your eCoupons on the Internet and on the go, and you'll be able to track when and where they use your deal. It's fast, easy and keeps your customers interested in what your brand has to offer!

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41.94% of Internet users in Hong Kong have made an online purchase. (Global Webindex Wave 6)