UFOSend SMS Marketing

Reach your subscribers even when they're on the go. Empower them to view and follow your campaign via SMS.

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Customisable SMS Campaigns

Personalise the brand talking

Customise the name that appears on your SMS message to fit your brand – it's not just machine talk!

Control your entire delivery schedule

Schedule when your recipients should receive your messages, so your voice hits them at precisely the right time.

Automatic customer support

Set up autoresponders for your SMS campaign triggered by customer actions. For example, enhance security and add a personal touch by sending an SMS reminder when your customer forgets their password.

SMS the individual, not the horde

No one wants to be talked to like a machine! Engage your user with personalised SMS content and create unique content that addresses their interests.

Capture users on location

Customise outgoing SMS marketing messages by knowing and acknowledging your customer's location.

Create smart customer service with keywords

Pre-set automated responses via SMS to predefined keywords. The next time a customer texts the keyword to you, they'll receive an auto-triggered message to address their needs, 24/7.

Round-the-clock subscription

Sign up subscribers the moment they text you by setting up default keywords for automatic subscription to your news and products.

Far-reaching Delivery

Access customers locally and abroad

Close cooperation with both major local and international carriers ensures the highest possible range for your campaign.

Real-time Reporting

Instant tracking and analysis

Track and analyse your SMS subscribers in real-time. Quickly generate reports to find out when SMS messages succeed with detailed statistics.

Automatic subscription and OFCA management

Our platform automatically updates your list with subscription changes and bounces. Addresses are cross-checked with the OFCA to ensure compliance, so you'll never send an unauthorised message.