Drive 19% email open rate with a preheader

Email preheader displays next to the subject line in recipients’ mailbox. It can be regarded as an extension of the subject title. An informative preheader can boost open rate and click rate. 

Email with preheader: 19% Higher open rate

Yet, 45% email marketers overlook the preheader. They may simply include a link to web version of email, or the first line of machine-readable content of email in the preheader. Some marketers may even repeat the subject line in preheader. These will not entice recipients to open your email. On the other hand, a juicy preheader can help distinguish your email from the crowded inbox.

  • Recommend to limit the length of preheader in 50 characters

In order to optimize the preheader for various email clients, it is recommended to limit the length of preheader in 50 characters. Various factors including email clients, phone rotation as well as the length of subject line can affect how the preheader displays.

Characters limitation of preheader in different email clients and phones:

Android Yahoo! Mail app [in portrait view]: 37 characters for preheader
Android Yahoo! Mail app [in landscape view]: 71 characters for preheader
Android Gmail app [in portrait view]: Does not support any preheader
Android Gmail app [in landscape view]: 54 characters for both preheader & subject line

Vertical view of Gmail in Android phone

  • Include a short summary of the email

A short preview of the email may boost recipients’ interests in opening email. 

  • Include call to action

Invite the recipients to get offer in your email. For example, “click here to get 20% off”.

Preheader is very useful in supplementing the subject line. It is the last resort to grab subscribers’ attention if your subject line does not work. Have you read any preheader in email which tempts you to open the email? Let’s comment.

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