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Reengage inactive subscribers now

Your message has gotten into your customers' Inbox. Congratulations! You've tackled one of the great difficulties of electronic marketing. There's just one hurdle. How do you stay in that Inbox, and increase your chances of getting read?



Leverage social proof to grow email subscribers

A. Get my 30% discount Now >> B. 24,830 shoppers have got 30% discounts >> Which one will you click? According to the Wall Street Journal, most of the people will choose the one which is selected by the crowd. This is the power of social proof. Option B, with the number of shoppers who have got the discounts, has utilized the social power. Social proof is the most persuasive information driving people to make any decisions. So, how can it help improve your email marketing?


A. 立即取得 30% 折扣 >> B. 24,830 顧客已經取得 30% 折扣 >> 你會點撃哪一個選項呢? 根據 the Wall Street Journal,大部份人會選擇多數人選取的選項,這就是社會認同數據的力量,提及取得優惠的顧客數目的選項 B 正正是利用了社會認同的效應。社會認同是最有說服力的資訊,能推動人作出決定。它是如何幫助你改善電郵推廣呢?

2015 年電郵推廣貼士 – 讀者最愛接收優惠卷!

新年快樂! 你的電郵推廣在 2014 年表現如何呢? 根據 Econsultancy 2014 Email Marketing Census,接近 70% 公司評價電郵推廣能產生「很好或不錯」的 ROI (投資回報率)。電郵推廣的表現大大超過其他線上推廣的渠道。

Email Marketing tips in 2015 – Subscribers love coupons!

Happy Chinese New Year! How is your email marketing performance in 2014? According to Econsultancy’s 2014 Email Marketing Census, nearly 70% companies rated email marketing as ‘excellent or good” for ROI (return of investment). Performance of email marketing still surpasses all other online marketing channels.