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How to cope with the Unsubscribe link added by Gmail?

At the beginning of 2014, Gmail added an unsubscribe link next to the sender name and sender’s email address. This means that recipients can unsubscribe whenever they want by just clicking the unsubscribe button.

如何應對 Gmail 的取消訂閱連結?

在 2014 的首半年,Gmail 新設置了一個取消訂閱按鈕於寄件者名稱及寄件者電郵旁,這表示收件人能隨時以一「按」取消訂閱,你亦會在三天內收到取消訂閱的要求,並協助 Gmail 處理。不要擔心,這不會減少你的潛在商機,反而減少了讀者投訴,改善電郵傳遞率。

Lower unsubsription and SPAM report rate

Is your unsubscribe rate over 1%? If yes, you should be alert to it. What are the reasons of unsubsription? How to get rid of them?

減低取消訂閱率及 SPAM 舉報率

你的取消訂閱率超過 1% 嗎? 如果是,你就要留意了。什麼原因導致取消訂閱? 又能怎樣避免它們?