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What’s the impact of Facebook's acquisition of Whats App?

What do you think of Facebook's acquisition of Whats App? If you are promoting products or services via Whats App, you may need to prepare for the impact of the acquisition on your future marketing strategies. For example, the service quality and charges of Whats App, etc.

Facebook 收購 Whats App,會對 eMarketing 造成什麼影響呢?

Facebook 前日以 1474 億收購 Whats App,大家有什麼想法呢? 如你有以 Whats App 推銷產品或服務,你或者要考慮一下此次收購會否對將來的推銷策略有所影響了,例如 Whats App 的服務質素或 Whats App 的收費制度改變。