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Powerful email marketing strategies - Segmentation

To create relevant and engaging email, segmentation is a must in email marketing. Send right content to right person at right time as every customer is unique. Segmentation is necessary to reach customers’ need. Segmenting your send list into groups with similar particulars enables you to tailor make relevant and valuable email content to wow your audience.

有效的電郵推廣策略 – 電郵用戶分類

電郵用戶分類 (Segmentation) 是創造相關及參與度高的電郵內容所必須的,因為每個客戶都是獨一無二的,所以把相關的電郵在適當時間寄給有興趣的讀者才能轉換讀者為商機。電郵用戶分類是滿足客戶需要的必要步驟,把你的聯絡名單根據相似的特點分類,才能協助你特別製作相關及有價值的電郵內容給讀者,獲得稱讚。