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你有從每 1 元支出賺取 40 元回報嗎? 如果沒有,你大概還沒展開滴灌式營銷 – 自動化的電郵推廣策略。滴灌式營銷能以極低成本,利用自動回覆運行。你只需要預先設定一系列的電郵活動,然後這些電郵就會被自動寄出。滴灌式營銷能以最少的精力建立你與顧客的關係,只要有一個可靠的電郵服務提供商配合,你只需預備一個電郵推廣的計劃,然後電郵活動就能自動滴入市場,為你增加利潤。

Drip your brand into customers’ lives

Have you earned $40 returns for every dollar spent in marketing? If not, you probably have not yet started Drip Marketing – Automated email marketing strategies. Drip marketing can be done using autoresponder with extremely low cost. You only need to schedule a series of email campaigns in advance and these campaigns will be sent out automatically. Drip marketing can build up relationship with your customers with least effort. With a reliable email service provider, you only need to prepare an email marketing plan. Then, the email campaigns will automatically drip into the market and drive revenue for you.