Blog: Jan 2014

How to avoid being SPAM by creating a SPAM-free subject line?

A well-designed subject line not only catches subscribers’ attention, but also avoids your email being delivered to SPAM folder. Just make sure you DO NOT DO anything like this.



6 Tips of writing a catchy subject line - Deliver messages with eye-catching subject line now

How to write effective subject lines for email marketing? A compelling headline is as important as a sender name. They are the first and second field which the recipients experience before opening the message. 64% of email users open an email based on the subject line. An impressive subject title can enhance open rate and click rate by explaining why the recipients should read your email.

6大電郵主題貼士 - 如何以電郵主題吸引讀者?

如何創造有趣的電郵主題? 開啟郵件前,收件人首先見到的就是寄件人名稱及電郵主題,這兩者能影響你是否能成功地把訊息傳遞給讀者。64% 的電郵使用者認為,有趣的電郵主題是他們開啟電郵的主要原因。若電郵主題能引起收件人的好奇心,這必定能增加電郵開啟率及點擊率。

Be a trustworthy sender - Clearly state your brand name in sender name

Do you know how important it is to clearly state your brand in sender name?



Convert strangers into promoters via email marketing

In the last blog, you have already read about the amazing power of email marketing. But, you may still not believe how you can earn the enormous revenue from email marketing. Now, let’s see how email marketing helps establish customer relationship with good strategies.



Show me the amazing power of email marketing !

What do you think about Email Marketing? 1. Purchase a list and blast 2. Blast promotion poster with a rented list


你是如何看待電郵推廣呢? 1. 購買聯絡名單,然後發放未經許可的電郵 2. 發放推廣海報電郵給租用的聯絡名單