Blog: Feb 2015

Email Marketing tips in 2015 – Subscribers love coupons!

Happy Chinese New Year! How is your email marketing performance in 2014? According to Econsultancy’s 2014 Email Marketing Census, nearly 70% companies rated email marketing as ‘excellent or good” for ROI (return of investment). Performance of email marketing still surpasses all other online marketing channels.

2015 年電郵推廣貼士 – 讀者最愛接收優惠卷!

新年快樂! 你的電郵推廣在 2014 年表現如何呢? 根據 Econsultancy 2014 Email Marketing Census,接近 70% 公司評價電郵推廣能產生「很好或不錯」的 ROI (投資回報率)。電郵推廣的表現大大超過其他線上推廣的渠道。