Blog: Jun 2014

When should I send eDM to drive highest engagement rate?

Many eMarketers are not sure when they should send out eDM and how often they should send. What’s the best time to send? Monday morning? Or Friday evening? 24% of eDM is opened in the first hour after delivery.


很多電郵推廣員並不確定他們應該何時及多久發送一次電郵推廣,什麼時候是最佳傳送時間呢﹖星期一早上﹖星期五傍晚? 24% 的電郵都在發送後首個小時被開啟,而電郵開啟率在電郵發送後的第 2 個小時已經會大跌 14%,並持續下降,你絕不會想錯過首個黃金時段。

How often should I send out eDM?

It’s difficult to decide the frequency of eDM campaign in order to achieve successful email marketing. If the eDM is too frequent, readers may get annoyed and unsubscribe (54% of email users unsubscribe due to frequency). On the other hand, if you send eDM too few, readers may even forget you. According to HongKong Post Comparative Media Study, most of the email users prefer to receive eDM once a month. However, it varies in every case.


要達到成功的電郵推廣,決定發送電郵的頻率是十分困難的。如果電郵太頻繁,讀者會感到煩擾,甚至取消訂閱 (54% 電郵用戶由於過份頻繁的電郵取消訂閱)。另一方面,如果電郵太疏,讀者或會忘記你。根據 HongKong Post Comparative Media Study,大部份電郵用戶選擇每個月收取一次推廣電郵。

How to cope with the Unsubscribe link added by Gmail?

At the beginning of 2014, Gmail added an unsubscribe link next to the sender name and sender’s email address. This means that recipients can unsubscribe whenever they want by just clicking the unsubscribe button.

如何應對 Gmail 的取消訂閱連結?

在 2014 的首半年,Gmail 新設置了一個取消訂閱按鈕於寄件者名稱及寄件者電郵旁,這表示收件人能隨時以一「按」取消訂閱,你亦會在三天內收到取消訂閱的要求,並協助 Gmail 處理。不要擔心,這不會減少你的潛在商機,反而減少了讀者投訴,改善電郵傳遞率。

Retain existing customers to acquire new customers

Do you know how much the cost of customer acquisition is? You definitely know: it’s expensive and not easy. Let me tell you one truth: the cost of customer acquisition is 10 times of the cost of customer retention.


你知道獲得一個新客戶的成本是多少嗎﹖你一定知道的是︰十分昂貴,十分困難。讓我告訴你一個事實:獲得新客戶的成本是挽留現有客戶的成本的 10 倍。

4 steps to build up Permission Based Email List

Permission Based Email List is a must of successful email marketing. Permission is necessary to be obtained before sending eDM or you will get no return back and even pay for the cost of improper email marketing. Never purchase or rent email list from third party and just spam email users without their permission. Lower than 0.1% of deals can be closed from unauthorized email list. Hence, investing in unauthorized email list is definitely wasting your budget. Let’s build up permission based email list in 4 steps.

4 步建立許可式電郵名單

許可式電郵名單是成功的電郵推廣所必須的,發放電郵前必先取得電郵用戶的許可,要不然你就不能從電郵推廣取得成果,甚至要為不正當的電郵推廣付出代價。永遠不要從第三者購買或租賃電郵名單,然後在沒有電郵用戶的授權下發放電郵給他們。沒有授權的電郵名單,只能產生低於 0.1% 的交易完成率,所以投放在沒有授權的電郵名單,只會浪費你的資源。立即以 4 步建立許可式電郵名單。