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The importance of good email list hygiene

Spreading your message to an old or purchased email list not only wastes your effort and time, but also potentially harms your brand's good name. More than ever, businesses are finding it vital to keep their lists up to date and free from redundant addresses. Here are 3 reasons.


以過時或購買的電郵名單發放電郵,只會浪費你的努力和時間,更甚者,會影響你品牌的名聲。不少商家亦發現合時及優質的電郵名單對電郵推廣有很大作用,以下是 3 個原因。

4 steps to build up Permission Based Email List

Permission Based Email List is a must of successful email marketing. Permission is necessary to be obtained before sending eDM or you will get no return back and even pay for the cost of improper email marketing. Never purchase or rent email list from third party and just spam email users without their permission. Lower than 0.1% of deals can be closed from unauthorized email list. Hence, investing in unauthorized email list is definitely wasting your budget. Let’s build up permission based email list in 4 steps.

4 步建立許可式電郵名單

許可式電郵名單是成功的電郵推廣所必須的,發放電郵前必先取得電郵用戶的許可,要不然你就不能從電郵推廣取得成果,甚至要為不正當的電郵推廣付出代價。永遠不要從第三者購買或租賃電郵名單,然後在沒有電郵用戶的授權下發放電郵給他們。沒有授權的電郵名單,只能產生低於 0.1% 的交易完成率,所以投放在沒有授權的電郵名單,只會浪費你的資源。立即以 4 步建立許可式電郵名單。