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Using personal email as sender drops email deliverability

Never use personal email, say,, or, as your sender in eDM campaign. Using personal email as sender can drop email deliverability and direct your emails to SPAM folder.


永遠不要以私人電郵地址為電郵活動的寄件者,例如,,或。使用私人電郵地址會降低電郵傳送率,或使你的電郵被傳送至垃圾郵件 (SPAM) 文件夾。



Be a trustworthy sender - Clearly state your brand name in sender name

Do you know how important it is to clearly state your brand in sender name?

Here are 5 determinants of sender reputation which you don’t know

83% of deliverability issues are caused by sender reputation. Not only recipients, ISPs will also determine whether to accept your message based on your reputation. Your email will be delivered to SPAM folder if ISPs rate you as untrustworthy sender. Let’s see 5 factors determining your IP reputation.

你不知道的 5 個影響寄件人名聲的因素

83% 的電郵傳送問題均是由寄件人名聲導致,不止收件人,ISPs (Internet Service Provider 互聯網服務提供商) 亦會根據你的名聲決定是否接收你的訊息。若你被 ISPs 評定為不可信的寄件者,你的電郵將會被傳送至垃圾郵件 (SPAM) 文件夾。看看 5 個決定寄件者名聲的因素。