4 Steps to enrich your email

As an email marketer, you may have lots of compelling stuff which you would like to share with your audience. Yet, you also know that you can’t put all of them in your email. As UFOSend users, you can enrich your email by sharing more pictures and files with your subscribers in 4 steps. By using merge tag, your readers can get unique images and videos by only one click.

 Step 1. 

Design the content of email and insert download button in email

 Step 2. 

Upload your files and get the URL (i.e. Google Drive, I suggest you to upload to server under organization’s domain name)

 Step 3. 

Import send list and include the URL in Excel file

  Step 4.  

Verify the Excel file and send

Your subscribers can be directed to the download page by clicking one button in the email. By following 4 steps, you can share unique content with every special subscriber.

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