4 design tips you must know for using images in eDM

Every email marketers wish to create an eye-catching eDM which catches readers’ attention once they open the eDM. Yet, too complex design or design without cautions can destroy your effort. Here are 4 tips regarding images you must know before creating an eDM.

 1. Use background color instead of background image 

Some email clients will just ignore your attractive background image. In this case, your whole design will be affected. Alternatively, you may use background color instead which “more” email clients support. Does “more” mean that some of the email clients do not even support background color? The answer is Yes. So always design your text in a way that which can be shown in a white background.

To better implement background color in eDM, you may use a table framing the style. Here is an example coding:

<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" width="100%">
                <td bgcolor=”#000000”>
                        Your email code goes here.
</table>                                                                    (Campaign Monitor)

 2. Use ALT tags for the images 

Most of the email clients block the images by default. That is, no images will be shown if the recipients do not download images. In this case, you can use ALT tags for the images:

<a href= "http://$company_website$" target="_blank"><img src="images/path" width="144" height="76" border="0" alt="UFOSend"/>

You can also use captions for important images in case the ALT tags are also blocked by email clients, say Outlook.com. Remember to test what if the recipients see when the images are not shown properly. Never use image to deliver important message. Make sure the eDM still looks tidy and your subscribers can still get your overall message without image.
 3. Set dimensions for images

Do remember to set the size of image before uploading to the eDM or the email clients will load the original size of the image. Not only will this break the layout of your eDM, this will also prolong the loading time if you have put in a huge image. The best solution will be resizing the images before putting them in your eDM. So the eDM’s design will not be affected.

**Avoid using huge image and limit the images’ width within 600 pixels. 72 dpi will be the maximum quality resolution.

 4. Limit the width of eDM in 600px 

No matter what you would like to include in your eDM, limit the width of eDM in 600 px or your readers will have to scroll horizontally to read your messages. The email may not look good in mobile as well.

Apart from images, you have to pay attention to the coding of eDM. I will share 5 more coding tips in next blog. Stay tuned!

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