4 tips of preparing online survey

In last blog, we have discussed about the benefits of sending survey. Yet, effectiveness of segmentation will also be affected by how you collect data. We will discuss about 4 tips of preparing survey in this blog. Here you go!

 1. Keep it short 

Yes, you have unlimited questions you would like to know about your customers. Yet, be considerate that you won’t want to fill in a few-page survey online. Hence, keep the survey within one page or within 15 questions, or your customers will just give up.

 2. Ask relevant questions 

Always think about what information you would need for promoting your brand when setting questions. For example, a corporation with different lines of business must be clear about customers’ preference before cross-selling. Say, there is one corporation operating boutique, hotel, as well as department store. A promotion of travel stuff, which is offered by department store, can be sent to customers who are interested in travelling and have used to book hotel. In this case, a question in survey can be set to ask for the interest of fashion, travel, or shopping daily necessities. On the other hand, irrelevant information like religion is not needed for email marketing strategies.

 3. Provide appealing incentive 

Incentivize your customers to provide feedback to you. For the active customers, you can simply provide some souvenirs as incentive. However, for inactive customers who don’t consume recently, discount or freebies are suggested to be given upon next purchase in order to boost re-order.

 4. Reminder of survey 

Sometimes, you may send the email to customers at wrong time. Customers may miss your survey and forget your email during peak time. So, don’t forget to send reminder of completing survey.
(Gordon Tan)
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