6 Autoresponders boosts 44% revenue

Email marketing is definitely the most cost-effective marketing tool to drive 400% ROI, if you have the automated email technology -  Autoresponder .  

The more autoresponders you have, the more sales you’ll get over time.
                                                                                              - Perry Marshall  

75% of corporations who have used autoresponders pointed out that autoresponders were vital to their sales and marketing. They achieved over 45% average email open rate and even boosted 44% of revenue generated from marketing via autoresponders.

Most importantly, autoresponder can be scheduled or triggered by customers’ specific actions. This means you can set all of the schedules and triggers beforehand and then you’re all set to reap
the profit.

Here are 6 types of automated emails which can grow your profit:

  eDM Trigger 


 1. Subscription  

Welcome email can be sent to customers automatically once they sign up. It is good to include double opt-in also as the verification of subscription helps to reduce bounce back as well as SPAM complaints. Automated welcome email ensures every new subscriber verify the subscriptions.

 2. Follow-up email of click without further action 

If the subscribers have clicked the buttons on eDM to browse certain landing pages without further actions, a follow-up email is recommended to provide your customers with more relevant information. It can trigger your customers’ interests towards your products or services again, and thus, trigger further actions like browsing other pages on your web site or even making an order.

 3. Birthday email 

Never forget to collect the date of birth of your subscribers on subscription form. Date of birth is a trigger of the birthday email which can increase customers’ loyalty effectively. Your customers must love to have your birthday blessings.

 4. Low engagement 

Re-engagement email can be triggered if the subscribers haven’t opened or clicked your eDM campaign for a while, say 6 months. It can always remind your customers of your brand and also drive more engagement. Automation of it can largely save your time also.

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 Consumption Behaviors Trigger 


 5. Payment reminder 

Automated reminder of unpaid payment is very effective to remind customers of the interested products / services they have put into cart before. You will not be able to, and you should not, keep track of which customers “forget” to pay. Automated reminder saves much of your cost to complete every potential order.


 6. After-sales follow up 

Customers will be cared of if they receive follow-up email after purchase. You may collect their feedback of the products or services via follow-up email. Moreover, you may even cross-sell / up-sell other products via the email. This can greatly boost your sales order.

With these 6 types of automated emails, you can definitely grow your orders with the least cost. Yet, remember topersonalize the automated eDM messages, or reverse result may be caused if your messages seem like from a machine.

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