7 golden tips of creating stellar email content

Content of your eDM is quite decisive to the success of email marketing. Some marketers complain that what they get from email marketing is: unsubscription. Then, they rate email marketing as ineffective and even useless marketing tool. This is definitely a huge misunderstanding. What cause unsubscription are email content, reputation and even frequency of eDM campaign. Can readers recognize you via sender name? Are you sending relevant email to right audience? Have you realized what you promised to give readers when they subscribe your newsletter? Most importantly, are you spamming users? Try to think of these questions and you will understand what the causes of unsubscription are.

Let think of what content should be written in one email first. Most of the marketers stop at this step. Hey! Don’t do that! Just make sure you know 7 rules below. You will be able to drive higher return on investment from email marketing.

 1. Don’t advertise 

The golden rule must be, never advertise in email. Why will the users subscribe for your email? It is important to give users what are promised during subscribing. Readers are looking forward to valuable email content rather than advertisement email. You should also reward users with valuable content for their subscription. Hence, don’t advertise in email, but to send valuable content.

 2. Be concise 

The second most important rule is to be Concise. Don’t plan to write an article with thousand words as no one will read the words. Let plan to finish the email with just few hundreds of words. You can keep testing your email’s length during preparation. Great if you can summarize your ideas within a screen size. That is, the main idea of email can be fully shown in one glance once the readers open your email, without scrolling down. Then, direct users to specific landing page with compelling call-to-action buttons. Now you drive website traffic and may convert readers into leads.

 3. Personalized Content 

Personalization helps you much in maintaining relationship with readers as this let your readers know you know and care for them. Not only personalize readers’ name in email, but also personalize the eDM based on readers’ particulars. For example, stating why you are sending email to your readers. Try to explain why the readers should read your email, say, you are offering some relevant cosmetics information to readers as you know that they are searching for some cosmetics. Sounds good, right? Personalized content engage your readers and spark your readers’ interests on your eDM. They will be captivated if a brand can know them so much.

 4. Explain the value of email 

How will you provide 20% discount with your subscribers in email? “Get 20% discount now and shop now!”? Most of the email marketers only mention how low the price is. Yet, few of them will explain why the readers should get the products. To magnetize audience, explain the value that they can receive from your email. For instance, explain why they should get the cosmetics with 20% discount from you. Let they know your products care about their skin and to solve the difficulties they have. Finally, you will offer 20% discount to them which let them to grab the value with lower cost.

 5. Incentivize with call-to-action 

Always convert by incentivizing users with compelling call-to-action buttons. The goal of sending email must involve asking users to do something. Call-to-action buttons are necessary to guide users what to do. Read moreon how to create converting call-to-action buttons. 

 6. Social media following 

Don’t forget to include social media following buttons in your email. Let your readers meet you everywhere no matter which social media they are using. By connecting with them via social media, interaction can be increased and thus make the relationship between you and subscribers closer.

 7. Shareable 

Make your email Shareable. Put more social sharing buttons in your email, like “forward to friends” via email, “share via Facebook”, or “tweet it”, to enable your subscribers to share the email with their friends. Of course, make your email content valuable and incentivize the audience to share your email. Viral sharing is very powerful to spread your brand.

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