Email Marketing tips in 2015 – Subscribers love coupons!

Happy Chinese New Year! How is your email marketing performance in 2014? According to Econsultancy’s 2014 Email Marketing Census, nearly 70% companies rated email marketing as ‘excellent or good” for ROI (return of investment). Performance of email marketing still surpasses all other online marketing channels. Averagely, email marketing can generate over $44 as return on every $1 spent. The ROI is an enormous number, 440%, which you never imagine. While 75% of digital revenue is created by different online marketing channels like SEO or PPC, 25% of digital revenue is solely generated by email marketing.

92% of business spreads out their product information via email. Yet, different email clients ,like Gmail, start to prioritize emails and sort the emails into various categories in 2014. Your subscribers’ engagement history will be the criteria of prioritization and sorting. Therefore, you must provide more valuable information to your audience in 2015. 

So what eDM content will captivate readers? 72% of email users pointed out that they would subscribe email for coupons or freebies. 70% of them had also redeemed the discounts via email. Emails with coupons or discounts can effectively boost your readers’ loyalty as this kind of emails is what your audience love to receive. Once they get used to your email and even fall in love with your brand, they will keep opening your email as habit. 70% of email users said that they would never miss the emails from their favorite brands. 66% of online shoppers have made orders just because of receiving email marketing messages.

While 55% of USA companies rely on email marketing as it creates more than 10% of total sales, you should get equipped with advanced email marketing strategies and technology to fit 2015 email marketing trends. In 2015, personalized and real time email marketing messages become more important to engage your audience. Sending right eDM content to right person at right time can increase 14% to intention of purchase and also 18% to likelihood of referral. Segmentation and targeting are necessary for sending right messages too.

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