Email your customers in coming Easter!

Now is the last minute to prepare your Easter greeting! How is your Easter campaign? Here are 4 tips for you to double check if your Easter card is ready to generate leads. Check it out!


 1.   Relate your products / services with Easter 

“Happy Easter!” Will you get impressed by this type of greetings? Of course not. Never simply send out seasonal greetings with just a simply blessing. Provide your readers with valuable information in the greetings so that your eDM can stand out from crowds of seasonal greetings. For example, if you are marketers in travel industry, your eDM can include travel tips or travel packages. How about if you are just a boutique owner? Show your new Spring items! I know that some of you may be in trouble with the eDM content as your business is totally irrelevant with festivals. How do you think of simply providing discount or freebies?

 2.      Do not use promotional tone in the eDM 

Yes, if it is too difficult to relate your products with the seasons, discount given in eDM may be the only solution. Yet, be careful with the tone used in the eDM. A promotional tone used will cheapen your edm, even your brand. Bear in mind that the seasonal greetings should convey your care and value to your customers. Promotional message will drive your customers crazy.

 3.      Festive design 

Do use different themes and designs for the seasonal eDM. When your customers’ inboxes are clogged with seasonal greetings, they will just scan the emails and spend few seconds on them. Thus, an eye-catching design and content is a must for seasonal greetings. As mentioned before, “Happy ______” will not entertain readers and may even be reported as SPAM. Be more humane like sharing your festivities with customers and spreading your joy and fun. Say, if you are going to have party with your colleagues, do take pictures and share them in eDM, so that your audience can enjoy the festivals with you. While those pictures show your real life in company, they can catch your readers’ attention.

 4.      Personalize your greetings 

Personalization works great to show your care to customers. Do send out a personalized eDM with your customers’ names or even send out eDM which is tailor made according to your customers’ preference. Ending with your colleagues’ names, who are connecting with those customers, will even work better than just ending with the company name.

Is your Easter greeting eDM attractive enough? If not, revise it and schedule it! Enjoy Easter with your audience!

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