Grow customer loyalty and lasting relationship via Email Marketing now

What do you expect from email marketing? Highest ROI ($40 revenue for only $1 investment) among different social media via more and larger orders? The most valuable return from email marketing is actually customer loyalty, which leads you to word-of-mouth marketing. Many email marketers overlook the customer loyalty that email marketing grows. However, the fact is that once you grow customer loyalty and achieve word-of-mouth-marketing, your marketing becomes automatic as your loyal customers will promote your brand for you. In this process, email marketing can work to grow customers loyalty as well as retain customers.

Grow your List: Email is an effective channel to acquire customers. It can achieve 7% of acquisition growth which is higher than other common social media.

Leads Generation: The lifetime value of the customers acquired via email also reaches 12%, which is higher than other social media.

Yet, you may note that organic and paid search can acquire more quality customers, so why should you choose email as marketing strategy? This is because email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy allowing two-way conversation between you and your customer.

87% emarkters prefer using email marketing.

To grow revenue from search engine marketing requires lots of effort and investment. The most expensive CPC (cost per click) can be HKD430 while the organic search costs you much time and human effort in content management. To climb up the search engine ranking, you have to make your website, blogs, or even social media, search engine friendly. This means the content of your online stuff must include specific wordings and information which fit the ranking rules of search engines. More than that, when the search engines adjust their ranking policies, you will have to tune your content also. This work is endless and do not involve any communication with your customers.
Once you can be seen on the first page of Google search page, you have to build your list and start email marketing, which is a must for your overall marketing strategy. Just imagine, if you have done nothing after your prospects identify you, how can you turn the prospects into leads or even your promoters? The key is how you connect with your customers. Via email, the two-way communication channel, talking with your customers boosts customer loyalty as well as builds up customer relationship, and finally helps achieve word-of-mouth marketing.
 So, how email marketing works in growing customer loyalty? 

 1. Personalized email message  

You will feel cares and respects when others remember who you are and even your preference, will you? By personalization, the email message is just like conversation between you and your audience. The more advanced email marketing strategy will be segmenting your list and targeting the audience. This helps to further personalize the email message by personal particulars so that the emails are more relevant to users. Personalized and relevant email messages not only captivate users, but also improve customer loyalty. 94% of corporations regard personalization is the key to successful marketing.

 2. Reward and incentivize loyal customers  

Keep your customers keen on your brand by rewarding them via email marketing. Reward loyal customers with special products or services so that they can feel being treated with respects. Moreover, unique and tailor made reward can further increase customer loyalty. To encourage engagement of new prospects, you can also provide some incentives which can ignite users’ interests in your brand. Via automatic email marketing, you can run this rewarding loyalty programme easily.

 3. Listen to your customers  

The most important and valuable function of email marketing is the conversational feature. Email marketing allows you to listen to your audience rather than only blasting your information. Use a human and trustworthy sender name so that your customers are encouraged to talk with you. Thru the conversation, you can gather valuable feedback from your customers in order to improve your business. If you are able to respond your readers promptly, they will be 33% more likely to promote your brand to their friends. Hence, email marketing can improve relationship marketing to a certain level. Furthermore, you will be able to identify market trend if you can utilize and measure email marketing very well. This is hard to be achieved by other marketing channels.

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool to boost customer loyalty and enhance customer relationship. It also helps polish your brand which catches more prospects. With its low cost, it is the best, and also must, marketing strategy which should be adopted and invested in. You are not blasting, but are growing customer loyalty when you run email marketing.

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