Leverage social proof to grow email subscribers

A. Get my 30% discount Now >>

B. 24,830 shoppers have got 30% discounts >>

Which one will you click? According to the Wall Street Journal, most of the people will choose the one which is selected by the crowd. This is the power of social proof. Option B, with the number of shoppers who have got the discounts, has utilized the social power. Social proof is the most persuasive information driving people to make any decisions. So, how can it help improve your email marketing?

 1. Show subscriber figure next to subscription form / button  

Customers are convinced to subscribe with subscriber figures as they always have the desire to act like others. They will be tempted to subscribe when they see many people have already subscribed. It will even work better if you can provide related social proof. For example, if your business is targeting parents as customers, you may revise your copy as “24,830 parents got 30% discounts” in order to persuade other customers who also have children. While the copy is more relatable to parents, more parents are attracted to register for the discount so that they won’t miss out what other parents may get.

Put social proof in eDM can also drive more clicks easier. For instance, if you are promoting products or services thru eDM, tell the readers how many customers have consumed. This figure is more persuasive than what you claim for your products or services. Yet, don’t show any number if you have not accumulated certain amount of subscribers or consumers. How do you think if you see a blog having only 1 subscriber? In this case, stating the benefits users can get will be the best solution.

 2. Show sharing figures 

Showing sharing figure has the same effect of showing subscriber figure. With sharing figure, users are much more convinced to share your eDM or website. 

 3. Customers’ testimonials 

Get testimonials from your customers and show them around the register form or call-for-action button. This is also one of the powerful and persuasive social proof which drive conversion.

 4. Awards 

Don’t forget to spread out the related awards you got. You can put the awards on every page of your websites, and of course the registration page. This can effectively increase credibility as well as your customers’ confidence.

 5. Social Reviews 

Showing customers’ reviews is an effective way to drive conversion. Apart from increasing persuasive power, showing social reviews can also capture potential leads. As most of the customers may do some researches on the products or services before making consumption decisions, taking the initiative to show customers’ review helps to keep potential customers stay on your website. Figleaves.com, an eCommerce store, boosts 12.5% conversion rate after showing social reviews on its products’ pages. On the other hand, more clicks or even conversion can be driven if you show social reviews on eDM. For example, if you are promoting a product thru eDM, a button leading to a social review page can captivate many subscribers.

Now you can see the advantages of showing social proof. Utilize it to boost subscriber numbers as well as customers’ engagement now!

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