Lower unsubsription and SPAM report rate

Is your unsubscribe rate over 1%? If yes, you should be alert to it. What are the reasons of unsubsription? How to get rid of them?

Let's see the habit of email users:

  1. 75% of email users unsubscribe irrelevant emails
  2. 21% of readers will complain the email as SPAM rather than click unsubscribe
  3. 43% of subscribers will report email as SPAM with untrustworthy sender name or sender email
  4. 69% of email users decide if the email is SPAM based on the subject line
  5. 35% of email users open the email based on the subject line
Now it’s very obvious why email users unsubscribe and even complain your email as SPAM, isn’t it? Sender name, email address, email subject line and relevancy of the eDM are the key factors affecting the unsubscription rate and SPAM complain rate.

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Apart from these, you can do few more things to build up trust between you and your subscribers in order to reduce unsubscription and SPAM complain rate.

 1. Show your information clearly in eDM 

Let your subscribers know who you are, for instance, your company’s address; contact; and most importantly, social media accounts. Let your subscribers contact you without difficulties. More communication channels provide your customers with much confidence. Your customers can also interact with you effectively also.

 2. Set clear expectation towards eDM 

The first step would be to explain clearly what eDM would be sent to email users. This can be done by including eDM content introduction on subscription form. Then, restating the eDM content on the welcome letter or double opt-in letter can also remind readers what they will receive from you.

 3. Send right messages to right audience 

This is the most important step to grow customers’ loyalty as well as drive ROI from email marketing. Email is not just a promotional tool for blasting information in a unidirectional way. On the contrary, email is a two-way communication channel which builds up relationship between you and your customers. eDM sent must be relevant to the readers and engaging enough to captivate readers. Otherwise, the irrelevant eDM sent will not only waste your marketing team’s effort, but will also affect your brand. So don’t forget to capture your audience’s preference before sending eDM.