New Gmail App – Inbox

Gmail introduced new email app – Inbox, 2 days before. Inbox helps email users to manage and organize their email boxes easier with Bundles, Highlights, reminders & Snooze.


Inbox users can categorize their emails with more categories like finance, travel, forum and purchase. Users can also set some rules for a new category so that the relevant emails will go to the right category automatically.


Highlights is a more advanced function than pinning email. Inbox will retrieve and show the most important information and images from the email messages and even website in the mailbox. Inbox users can get the main information from emails with only one glance in Inbox.

 Reminders & Snooze 

If an Inbox users cannot take action or make purchase decision immediately after they receive your emails, they can snooze them and get back to them later. Inbox will also remind users to check the emails again according to the time scheduled by users.

What is the main implication for email marketing of the introduction of Inbox? It is not how users can manage the emails in a more organized way. On the contrary, it is more users will read your emails in mobile. While nearly 50% of emails are opened in mobile, with more email applications, we can foresee increasing number of users will read emails in mobile. So, get ready to have responsive email templates now!

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