Survey your customers to boost loyalty

Don’t have any ideas of what to be sent to your customers? Online survey is good strategy to engage your customers as well as improve performance of email campaigns.

Here are 4 reasons of sending survey:

 1. Re-engage inactive subscribers 

According to Informz, survey can generate the highest combination of email open rate and click rate, 36.6% and 33.39% respectively. Survey with attractive incentive can definitely re-engage your subscribers with low cost and even boost re-order.

 2. Show care to customers 

Survey conveys your care to customers effectively. It shows that you care about customers’ opinion and would like to provide best services to customers. Sending survey to customers after purchase helps to collect feedback and cross-sell / up-sell other products or services to customers. This greatly boosts re-order effectively as this reminds customers of your brand after purchase.

 3. Collect valuable feedback 

Customer is the one you have to care. You have to satisfy their needs rather than search for customers who fit your products or services. Sending survey via email is the tool with lowest cost which can gather customers’ feedback with detail analysis. You will be able to target customers with the response analysis thru email marketing strategies to further improve customers’ loyalty and boost re-order.

 4. Re-capture customers’ preference 

Regular survey works to update customers’ preference, which is the key to your successful marketing. As customers’ preference varies anytime, regular survey keeps you update of the market preference and the market trend. Update market information is essential for setting marketing and sales plan. Outdated products will destroy all of your effort.
Yet, there are 3 actions you have to do in order to capture the benefits of sending survey. Stay tuned for the tips of preparing survey.

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