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How to avoid being SPAM by creating a SPAM-free subject line?

A well-designed subject line not only catches subscribers’ attention, but also avoids your email being delivered to SPAM folder. Just make sure you DO NOT DO anything like this.




要避免所發出的郵件掉入垃圾郵箱,除了要自律外,還要有實力的電郵服務供應商(Email Services Providers,簡稱 ESP)才可以成功。

Lower unsubsription and SPAM report rate

Is your unsubscribe rate over 1%? If yes, you should be alert to it. What are the reasons of unsubsription? How to get rid of them?

減低取消訂閱率及 SPAM 舉報率

你的取消訂閱率超過 1% 嗎? 如果是,你就要留意了。什麼原因導致取消訂閱? 又能怎樣避免它們?

UFOSend 製作 SPAM-free 電郵指引 [Part 2]

上一篇文章解釋了你應該如何處理電郵中的圖片,而這篇文章將承接上篇文章,繼續介紹多 3 個擺脫 SPAM 過濾器的技巧,讓你在製作電郵時使用。繼續創作 SPAM-free 電郵吧!

Definitive guide of creating SPAM-free email [Part 2]

The previous blog explains how you should handle images in email. This blog will then continue share 3 more tips to get rid of SPAM when you are making email. Let’s continue to create SPAM-free email.

Here are 5 determinants of sender reputation which you don’t know

83% of deliverability issues are caused by sender reputation. Not only recipients, ISPs will also determine whether to accept your message based on your reputation. Your email will be delivered to SPAM folder if ISPs rate you as untrustworthy sender. Let’s see 5 factors determining your IP reputation.

你不知道的 5 個影響寄件人名聲的因素

83% 的電郵傳送問題均是由寄件人名聲導致,不止收件人,ISPs (Internet Service Provider 互聯網服務提供商) 亦會根據你的名聲決定是否接收你的訊息。若你被 ISPs 評定為不可信的寄件者,你的電郵將會被傳送至垃圾郵件 (SPAM) 文件夾。看看 5 個決定寄件者名聲的因素。