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Grow customer loyalty and lasting relationship via Email Marketing now

What do you expect from email marketing? Highest ROI ($40 revenue for only $1 investment) among different social media via more and larger orders? The most valuable return from email marketing is actually customer loyalty, which leads you to word-of-mouth marketing. Many email marketers overlook the customer loyalty that email marketing grows. However, the fact is that once you grow customer loyalty and achieve word-of-mouth-marketing, your marketing becomes automatic as your loyal customers will promote your brand for you. In this process, email marketing can work to grow customers loyalty as well as retain customers.


你預計能從電郵推廣獲得什麼呢﹖能以更多金額更大的訂單,得到在不同社交媒體中最高的投資回報率 [ROI] (以 $1 投資賺取 $40 收入)﹖電郵推廣所帶來最珍貴的回報其實是顧客忠誠度,並協助你達到口碑營銷。可是,很多電郵推廣員都忽略了電郵推廣所建立的顧客忠誠度。事實是只要你增長顧客忠誠度,達到口碑營銷,你的市場推廣就會自動化,因為你忠誠的客戶會為你宣傳品牌。在這過程中,電郵推廣能為你擔當增長顧客忠誠度及挽留客戶的角色。

Survey your customers to boost loyalty

Don’t have any ideas of what to be sent to your customers? Online survey is good strategy to engage your customers as well as improve performance of email campaigns.




你有從每 1 元支出賺取 40 元回報嗎? 如果沒有,你大概還沒展開滴灌式營銷 – 自動化的電郵推廣策略。滴灌式營銷能以極低成本,利用自動回覆運行。你只需要預先設定一系列的電郵活動,然後這些電郵就會被自動寄出。滴灌式營銷能以最少的精力建立你與顧客的關係,只要有一個可靠的電郵服務提供商配合,你只需預備一個電郵推廣的計劃,然後電郵活動就能自動滴入市場,為你增加利潤。

4 ways to drive customers’ engagement in email marketing

According to 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census (Econsultancy), email marketing is the best channel to grow ROI. 68% of marketers assess email marketing as a good and even excellent marketing tool. Econsultancy also points out that there is 28% increase in revenue generated from email marketing.

4 個推動顧客參與電郵推廣的方法

根據 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census (Econsultancy),電郵推廣是提升投資回報率 (ROI) 的最佳渠道。68% 的市場推廣員評價電郵推廣為良好甚至是極佳的市場推廣工具,Econsultancy 亦指出電郵推廣所產生的利潤增加了 28%。

Retain existing customers to acquire new customers

Do you know how much the cost of customer acquisition is? You definitely know: it’s expensive and not easy. Let me tell you one truth: the cost of customer acquisition is 10 times of the cost of customer retention.


你知道獲得一個新客戶的成本是多少嗎﹖你一定知道的是︰十分昂貴,十分困難。讓我告訴你一個事實:獲得新客戶的成本是挽留現有客戶的成本的 10 倍。

Email your customers in coming Easter!

Now is the last minute to prepare your Easter greeting! How is your Easter campaign? Here are 4 tips for you to double check if your Easter card is ready to generate leads. Check it out!