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在上一篇文章中,那 4 個例子已經說明了滴灌式營銷的力量,自動化的滴灌式電郵活動幫助你以最少的時間和精力,於適當的時機接觸顧客。但是,究竟要如何以電郵活動開始進行滴灌式營銷? 立即按照以下 5 步開始進行滴灌式營銷吧!

How does drip marketing work??

In the last blog, 4 cases told you about the power of drip marketing. Automated drip email campaigns help you to reach your customers at right timing with least effort. Yet, how to start it with email campaigns? Follow the 5 steps below to start your drip marketing now!