How does drip marketing work??

In the last blog, 4 cases told you about the power of drip marketing. Automated drip email campaigns help you to reach your customers at right timing with least effort. Yet, how to start it with email campaigns? Follow the 5 steps below to start your drip marketing now!

 1st Step: Set Goal 

The first step is to decide the goal of each drip email campaign. What do you expect to get from sending out the drip email campaign? To boost sales? To grow customer base? Or to talk with your customers? Here is an example of setting goal:

     -    To promote new products
     -    To spread out new offer
     -    To retain potential customers
     -    To drive customer engagement
     -    To boost customer loyalty
     -    To increase (re)orders
     -    To collect customers’ opinions

 2nd Step: Segment your customers 

After setting the goals, what you need will be to understand your customers. Understanding customers’ behaviors and preference and then segmenting your customers are necessary for drip marketing. For instance, it is important to identify consumption habit, say, how many times the customers visit your online shopping cart or website before making purchasing decision. Also, who is used to browsing which kinds of products is also vital to your drip email marketing plan.

 3rd Step: Develop a drip email marketing plan 

A clear email marketing plan developed based on characteristics of customers prevents any leads’ leakage from your marketing funnel. In this step, few things should be determined, for example, when, what, how frequently the eDM should be sent out. Most importantly, how would the drip eDM be triggered? This step is the key to successful drip email marketing.


     1.    Customers sign up             >> Trigger Welcome email
     2.    No open / click                   >> Trigger Reengagement email
     3.    Abandoned cart                 >> Trigger Email with discounts
     4.    Customers’ birthdays         >> Trigger Birthday surprise
     5.    Closed deal                        >> Trigger Thank you email
     6.    One month after purchase >> Trigger After sales survey

 4th Step: Prepare engaging eDM content  

Once the drip email marketing plan is ready, you have to create engaging and creative eDM content to captivate subscribers. Content of the drip email campaign should be relevant to the nature of the email campaign and of course your subscribers. For example, never send promotion drip of the product that your customers have already bought. Moreover, if you are sending some informational tips, do not mix the content with promotional messages of products or services. Improper content annoys your customers and even breaks the trust.

 5th Step: Monitor customers’ responses  

During the whole drip marketing process, keep monitoring the responses of customers. Adjustment is necessary to be taken if customers’ behaviors change.

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