What’s the impact of Facebook's acquisition of Whats App?

What do you think of Facebook's acquisition of Whats App? If you are promoting products or services via Whats App, you may need to prepare for the impact of the acquisition on your future marketing strategies. For example, the service quality and charges of Whats App, etc.

Facebook 收購 Whats App,會對 eMarketing 造成什麼影響呢?

Facebook 前日以 1474 億收購 Whats App,大家有什麼想法呢? 如你有以 Whats App 推銷產品或服務,你或者要考慮一下此次收購會否對將來的推銷策略有所影響了,例如 Whats App 的服務質素或 Whats App 的收費制度改變。

Drive 19% email open rate with a preheader

Email preheader displays next to the subject line in recipients’ mailbox. It can be regarded as an extension of the subject title. An informative preheader can boost open rate and click rate.

利用 Preheader 邀請收件人開啟電郵,增加 19% 電郵開啟率

Email Preheader 顯示在電郵主題後,可被視為電郵主題的延伸。一個引人注目的 Preheader 能大大提高電郵開啟率及點撃率。

8 tips of igniting your readers’ interest with call-to-action

CTA is a clickable button urging readers to take specific actions, for example, viewing more details, visiting external website or purchasing products, etc. It is essential for engaging your readers and converting them into leads in an email campaign. Here are 8 tips of creating a high-converting CTA.


CTA 是一個可引領讀者作特定動作的按鈕,例如使讀者獲得更多相關資訊、瀏覽相關的網頁或購買產品。每封電郵必須具備 CTA 來提升讀者的參與度,增加商機。設計 CTA 時,需要注意 8 大要點。

Build up your list with high-converting signup form - Maximize conversion by optimizing signup form

79% of marketers grow their lists using signup form. You may not know how the design of signup form can affect the number of subscribers. Apart from rewarding, simple and concise design boosts subscription or registration effectively. Here are 5 skills which help you to build up a high-converting signup form.

5 大建立訂閱表格的貼士 -優化訂閱表格以最大化轉換率

79% 電郵推廣員使用訂閱表格建立名單,但你或者不知道訂閱表格的設計如何影響訂閱率,除了實際的回報,簡潔的設計能有效地提升訂閱者數量。以下是 5 個製作高轉換率的訂閱表格貼士。

How to avoid being SPAM by creating a SPAM-free subject line?

A well-designed subject line not only catches subscribers’ attention, but also avoids your email being delivered to SPAM folder. Just make sure you DO NOT DO anything like this.