Lower unsubsription and SPAM report rate

Is your unsubscribe rate over 1%? If yes, you should be alert to it. What are the reasons of unsubsription? How to get rid of them?

減低取消訂閱率及 SPAM 舉報率

你的取消訂閱率超過 1% 嗎? 如果是,你就要留意了。什麼原因導致取消訂閱? 又能怎樣避免它們?

4 tips of preparing online survey

In last blog, we have discussed about the benefits of sending survey. Yet, effectiveness of segmentation will also be affected by how you collect data. We will discuss about 4 tips of preparing survey in this blog. Here you go!

4 個製作線上問卷的貼士

上一篇文章介紹了發送問卷調查的好處,但是,用戶分類 (Segmentation) 的有效性亦會被資料收集的方法影響。這篇文章就會教你如何製作問卷,仔細閱讀吧!

Survey your customers to boost loyalty

Don’t have any ideas of what to be sent to your customers? Online survey is good strategy to engage your customers as well as improve performance of email campaigns.



Heat up your business this summer!

Summer Time! 68% of companies experience decrease of sales during summer time. Are you one of them? No matter you are summer business or not, summer is moment to boost customers’ loyalty and sales.


Summer Time! 68% 企業在夏季亦遇到銷售額下降的問題,你是不是其中之一呢? 不論你的業務是否與夏季有關,夏天是提升客戶忠誠度及銷售額的好時機。

Gmail is now available in Hong Kong Chinese!

2 days before, 13 new languages were supported in Gmail, including: Afrikaans, Armenian, Azerbaijani (Azeri), Chinese (Hong Kong), French (Canada), Galician, Georgian, Khmer, Lao, Mongolian, Nepali, Sinhala, and Zulu. Now, Gmail is availble in 71 languages in total, which cover 94% of Internet users.

Gmail 新增港式中文!

2 日前,Gmail 新設 13 種語言,包括:南非荷蘭語、亞美尼亞語、阿塞拜疆語、中文(香港)、法語(加拿大)、加利西亞語、格魯吉亞語、高棉語、老撾語、蒙古語、尼泊爾語、僧伽羅語及祖魯語。現在,Gmail 能支援多達 71 種語言,94% 的互聯網使用者都能利用自己的母語使用 Gmail。