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國外最近曾做過一個調查,發覺在週末時間(星期四至星期六)發出的電郵的打開率(Open Rate)是最高的,究其原因,是因為他們都為週未尋找安排消費活動的機會,會更加留意電郵所宣傳的消閒和消費活動。

4 步即可在電郵活動中分享更多圖片及影片

作為電郵推廣員,你或有很多吸引的內容,希望與你的讀者分享。但是,你亦明白你不能把它們都放到電郵中。作為 UFOSend 的用家,只要 4 步,你就可以更多有趣的內容豐富你的電郵,只需使用 merge tag,你的讀者就能以一下點撃獲得更多獨一無二的圖片與片段。

4 Steps to enrich your email

As an email marketer, you may have lots of compelling stuff which you would like to share with your audience. Yet, you also know that you can’t put all of them in your email. As UFOSend users, you can enrich your email by sharing more pictures and files with your subscribers in 4 steps. By using merge tag, your readers can get unique images and videos by only one click.

7 golden tips of creating stellar email content

Content of your eDM is quite decisive to the success of email marketing. Some marketers complain that what they get from email marketing is: unsubscription. Then, they rate email marketing as ineffective and even useless marketing tool. This is definitely a huge misunderstanding. What cause unsubscription are email content, reputation and even frequency of eDM campaign. Can readers recognize you via sender name? Are you sending relevant email to right audience? Have you realized what you promised to give readers when they subscribe your newsletter? Most importantly, are you spamming users? Try to think of these questions and you will understand what the causes of unsubscription are.

7 個創作出色電郵內容的貼士


Drive 19% email open rate with a preheader

Email preheader displays next to the subject line in recipients’ mailbox. It can be regarded as an extension of the subject title. An informative preheader can boost open rate and click rate.

利用 Preheader 邀請收件人開啟電郵,增加 19% 電郵開啟率

Email Preheader 顯示在電郵主題後,可被視為電郵主題的延伸。一個引人注目的 Preheader 能大大提高電郵開啟率及點撃率。

8 tips of igniting your readers’ interest with call-to-action

CTA is a clickable button urging readers to take specific actions, for example, viewing more details, visiting external website or purchasing products, etc. It is essential for engaging your readers and converting them into leads in an email campaign. Here are 8 tips of creating a high-converting CTA.


CTA 是一個可引領讀者作特定動作的按鈕,例如使讀者獲得更多相關資訊、瀏覽相關的網頁或購買產品。每封電郵必須具備 CTA 來提升讀者的參與度,增加商機。設計 CTA 時,需要注意 8 大要點。

Equip with the most powerful email marketing tool – responsive email template!

Christmas is next to us! Are you ready to wow your customers? Get prepared to capture Christmas leads thru mobile! Responsive email template is a must for your holiday marketing.